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Nonprofit partnership – Self-regulate organisation «The National Institute of Professional Accountants, Financial Managers and Economists» till 2009 was called as the Institute of Professional Accountants of Samara region. It has been created in 1999 as association of accountants, auditors, financial managers (directors), auditor firms and the educational institutions preparing economists. As founders NIPA «Financiers Guild», Nonprofit partnership «Institute of Professional accountants of Russia» (IPAR) and a number of other organisations have acted. NIPA it was created with support of Government of Samara region. At the moment of creation NIPA «the Guild of financiers» acted the project of introduction IFRS within the limits of the intergovernmental program the Regional initiative. At a formation stage the big methodical and organizational help in Institute formation was rendered by corporation CARANA.


In the period from 1999 till 2005 NIPA had the agreement on cooperation with the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (IPAR) and represented the interests of IPAR on the territory of Samara Region of Russia.


According to the Federal Law of Russian Federation «On the self-regulation organisations», Governmental order of Russian Federation «On the statement of an order of conducting the state register of self-regulate organisations», Governmental order of Russian Federation «On Federal Agency of the state registration, cadastre and cartography» in December, 16th 2009 NIPA has been brought in the state register of the self-regulate organisations. According to the Federal Law “On self-regulation organizations” NIPA, as self-regulate organisation have the right of legislative initiative in a self-regulation subject.


According to the Article 77 of the Constitution of Samara Region Nonprofit partnership – Self-regulate organisation «The National Institute of Professional Accountants, Financial Managers and Economists» has the right to initiate the laws of both Regional and Federal level. This right is unique for Russian Federation.

1999 – 2000 participation in the intergovernmental project on accounting reform in accordance with IFRS. The project was financed by the Government of Russia and the US Agency for International Development (US AID).
  • 50 IFRS lecturers were taught;

  • 300 chief accountants were taught to prepare accounting reporting under IFRS;

  • About 200 of heads of different companies were taught basics of IFRS;

  • On 20 enterprises financial reporting was transformed to IFRS;


2000- 2002 participation in the project for professional skills improvement of the employees of financial sector. the project was accomplished in cooperation with the Financial Services Volunteer Corps (USA).


Since 1999 until the present time NIPA participates in the governmental projects related with the improvement of professional level of financial specialists. The Government from its side provides its premises free of charge, provides lecturers etc.


In 2000 – 2003 NIPA was a partner organization in accomplishment of the TACIS sponsored project devoted to the improvement of the auditor’s qualification.


In 2004 NIPA has signed an agreement with the Parliament (Duma) of Samara Region. Since then NIPA plays active role as a Parliament advisor and participates in the development of the new laws that relate to accounting and finances.



In 2007 – 2009 NIPA participated in quality of the contractor and the subcontractor in a number of the projects connected with reform of budgetary system of the Russian Federation. As customers of works acted authorities of the Russian Federation and authorities of the Samara Region.

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