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Key objectives

The Profession in Russia

Accountants and auditors are different professions, regulated by three federal laws:

  1. "On Auditing" (adopted in 2001 and in 2008 adopted a new version of the law)

  2. "On Accounting" (adopted in 1996, currently pending in the Parliament a draft of the new law)

  3. "On Self-Regulate Organizations" (adopted in 2007)

The law "On Self-Regulate Organizations" (SRO), has the following procedures:

  • SRO is incorporated in the state register of SROs, by the Federal agency under the Ministry of Economic Development

  • This is allowed for required and voluntary self-regulation of professional and business activities

  • SRO must provide additional financial responsibility to service users or through insurance, or the formation of a compensation fund

  • SRO has to establish standards of professional activities and ethical standards for its members and at least 1 time in 3 years to carry out quality control activities of the members,

  • To obtain the status “Self-regulate”, the organization must combine a significant proportion of service providers to be self-regulation

  • The right of legislative initiative self-regulate organization (the right to participate in the legislative process) on the subject of self-regulation.

Auditors – all activities from January 2010 are mandatory self-regulation.

SROs are state-accredited at the Ministry of Finance.

Qualification certificates of the auditors in the Russian Federation are the same, and issued by an evaluation centre, i.e. SRO auditors do not have the right to certify their members.

In accordance with the law "On Auditing", SRO auditors:

  • Supervise the annual training of its members,

  • Spend at least 1 time in 3 years quality control members for compliance with federal standards of professional work, standards and internal standards SRO

  • Create a compensation fund in order to create additional responsibility of the professional community to the consumers of audit services.

As at 01.01.2011 in Russia there are:

5,191 audit firm

26 325 auditors (both employees and employers)

Currently, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation accredited six audit SROs:

  1. Audit Chamber of Russia (Associate Member of IFAC) - 7941 members in 62 regions (formed 1995)

  2. Russian Collegium of Auditors (full member of IFAC) - 3055 members in 8 regions since 1992,

  3. Institute of Professional Auditors - 2835 members in 10 regions (formed 1998)

  4. Guild of the auditors of the Regional Institute of Professional Accountants - 6525 members (formed 2009)

  5. Auditing Association "Sodruzhestvo" - 3608 members in 26 regions (formed 2009)

  6. Moscow Audit Chamber - 6452 members (formed 1992)

Accountants - not mandatory self-regulation, and no plans to introduce mandatory self-regulation.

New draft of federal law which :

  • sets out the qualification requirements only in respect of accountants working in public companies (joint stock companies whose shares are traded on stock exchanges, banks, insurance companies, securities market participants).In other organizations (non-public companies), any person can work as an accountant, including having incomplete schooling,

  • does not establish a mandatory self-regulate profession, but permits voluntary self-regulation,

  • determines that the methodology of accounting deals with authorized federal government (Finance Ministry).

At present, Russia has the following major associations of accountants:

  1. Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (a full member of IFAC) - 75,000 members in 74 regions. Formed in 1997 and has its own system of certification of members

  2. International Association of Certified Public Accountants - 4,000 members in 17 regions. Formed in 2009 and has its own system of certification of members (This organization, along with members separated from IPAR because of a conflict)1

  3. Chamber of Professional Accountants and Auditors - 5,000 members in 6 regions. Formed in 1997 as an association of accountants. From 2010 has its own system of certification of members (This organization, along with members separated from IPAR because of a conflict)

  4. SRO "The National Institute of professional accountants, financial managers and economists" - 1,500 members in 36 regions. Formed in 1999 and has its own system of certification of members

  5. International Public Organization "Association of Accountants and Auditors "Sodruzhestvo"(member body of IAAER) - 4,000 members in 32 regions. Formed in 1989 and has no certification system.

NIPA - "The National Institute of professional accountants, financial managers and economists"

NIPA was formed in 1999 and until 2009 was named Samara Territorial Institute of Professional Accountants.

In accordance with Russian legislation since 1 January 2010 NIPA members can only be individuals, recognizing the Constitution, the Code of Ethics and other regulatory documents, that share NIPA’s objectives and principles, pay dues, participate in activities and meet the established professional requirements (criteria).

NIPA develops professional standards required for use of members NIPA and conducts quality control of professional activities of members.

NIPA insures professional liability of members, employers (only organization in Russia offering this service)


 In 2005, 2009 and 2010 there was some conflicts in the Board of IPAR. Because of these conflicts, some of the members came out of IPAR and create a new independent union.

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