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Those individuals and companies that accept the NIPA Constitution, the Code of Professional Ethics and other regulating documents of the organization may be admitted as NIPA members. The members should share the aims and goals of NIPA, pay necessary membership dues and participate in the NIPA activities, as well as satisfy the professional requirements.

NIPA which professional work is connected with a subject of self-regulation NIPA can receive the status of Full member NIPA:


Management account,

Financial management.

The full list of the membership categories could be found in the article 6.3. of the NIPA Constitution.

NIPA has the following kinds of membership:

- Full member;

- Honorary member;

- Associate member;

- Affiliate member.

Full member should satisfy to one of following requirements:

to have the higher (any) or average professional economic (college) formation or the diploma of the doctor of sciences in economic specialties

to have an operational experience not less than 3th years in posts of the accountant, the economist (financier) or in the posts demanding knowledge of accounting, the finance, and also advisers and (or) teachers on accounting.

Associate member NIPA - can receive the status the physical persons dividing the purposes and goals of NIPA, recognising its Constitution, of ethics, Membership constitution and other standard documents having for an object increase of the qualification and development of an accounting trade, delivery of promotion examinations and reception of qualifying certificate NIPA, but not completely corresponding to the requirements stated in Position about certification of applicants for reception of qualifying certificates: the certificated professional accountant(CPA), the certificated financial manager – the financial director (CFM), the certificated management accountant - the economist (CMA), or membership constitution


Members of NIPA is available for individuals who hold professional certificates issued in foreign countries under the following circumstances.

A) According to the mutual agreements on professional certification recognition with:

- Institute of Professional Accountants of South Africa;

- Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine;

- Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan Republic;

- Association of Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova;

- Belarus Association of Accountants (not a member of IFAC or any other international organization)


B) According to the decision of the Presidents Board of NIPA the holders of the following qualification documents may be admitted as members of NIPA:



- CIPA\CAP issued by the Eurasian Council of Certified Accountants and Auditors;

- The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh;

- The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India;


C) NIPA have signed an agreement with the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia. According to the agreement signed the members of each of the organizations may be admitted as the members of the other. According to the decision of the NIPA Board, NIPA recognizes 5 out of 11 examinations as successfully passed by those individuals who hold the qualification certificate issued by the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia.


D) According to the Decision of NIPA Board for those individuals who hold a license of the auditor issued by the Ministry of Finance of Russia and those who were graduated from the Russian State University of Commerce and Economics 5 out of 11 examinations are considered as successfully passed.


Membership in NIPA does not make any limitations for the professional activities of its members (except of the need to comply with NIPA Bylaws, Code of Professional Ethics and other regulatory documents of NIPA).

Information about NIPA members is published in mass media and updated on NIPA website on a regular basis.


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